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Deligo POS-Partner Program

Our POS-Partner Program makes it easy for POS solution providers to offer their customers best-in-class AI self-checkout and grow their business.

What's the deal?


Increase your revenue 3X

Earn more than three times compared to the cashier assisted POS terminals. Provide higher value add service to your customers and increase your margins.

Enhance your offering

Stay ahead of the competition and add checkout automation to your product mix. Provide the most simple and efficient checkout automation to your clients  and help them save costs and improve operations.

Becoming  partner

Becoming a Deligo partner can be done in 3 easy steps.

Live Demo

For you to learn more about our solution and for us to understand your needs.

API Integration

We provide API access and a test Kiosk for you to discover and test how Deligo can integrate into your solution.


Start offering best-in-class AI Checkout to your clients.




Partner with Deligo Today

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